Sunday, June 01, 2008

Welcome Penny!

Thursday morning was spent interviewing people who'd applied for the Creative Producer's position on the Trilogy. The appointment coincided with signing the contract for the EU grant, and Collage Arts signing the guarantee - and I had Preeti from Collage with me as we did the interviews. The people who came through the room were one of the first bits of proof I'd had that this bigger project really will be a leap forward for the company on every level.

The person we ended up appointing is Penny Mayes - who used to run Trestle, raised the money for Arts Depot, has previously toured in China, and who for a time chaired the Arts Council's projects panel. If anybody can make this work, she can! And on Friday we got a little blessing for her arrival, in the form of a Connections Through Culture grant which will allow her to come to Shanghai with us later in the year.

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