Monday, July 25, 2005

Meet the Board!

Saturday morning, and we have a board meeting at the National Theatre. I'm full of admiration for this group of people, who oversee the company on a totally voluntary basis (and, in Peter Scott's case, even do the accounts - I hand over a wad of papers today with a deep sense of guilt!). We spend a couple of hours talking about everything which is going on in the company, and about Kath Gorman's recent consultancy document. There's so much that's positive in all this - but our basic problems remain the same as ever: we're not in a position to do much of the work necessary to build the company, because we can't pay full time employees (either myself or an administrator). And, unless that work is done, then we won't be able to do so.... It all feels very chicken and egg.

Still, Kath's key recommendations about diversifying the funding sources and expanding the board to include people who can do some serious lobbying are really useful.

The big decision we make is that I need to go to China. Soon. Time to start working on it.

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