Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Australian adventures?

Meet up with Emma Calverley at the National Theatre. She's a colleague of Andrew Spencer, who was our Press Officer on Bullie's House, and now works as a producer in Australia. We've been talking about trying to remount the production out there for a while, and meeting Emma today helps put some of the ideas into a clearer light. She's very positive about the play's potential in Oz - not least because of the "star" pull of Thomas Keneally and Natasha Wanganeen. I'm keen that any tour should include Aboriginal communities as well as the big cities: where, as Emma says, Aboriginal people are rarely even seen.

On the way to meet her I pop into the Africa Centre, and spot a book comparing the theatre of Yeats and Soyinka.... Nearly buy it, then decide to wait till I've a bit of time to read it properly.

We keep getting orders for large quantities of the Orientations script. My guess is that somebody is setting it to study on a course. I'd love to know who....

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