Monday, September 12, 2005


Not that I'm in the slightest bit technophobic - theatre always falls in love with its context, and that's the world of video projections, websites and blogs! But there are moments....

Through the summer, I've been editing a video of interviews and extracts from plays as a co-production with Rose Bruford College: part of a new Module I'm doing for the Distance Learning programme, on Post-Colonial & Black Theatres. It's ended up as five DVDs, and over the weekend I set about copying them onto a VHS tape for a student without DVD. When I got to the last DVD, I discovered the whole thing was in meltdown. Constant break-up, incomprehensible sound, totally unusable. So - the whole thing needs re-doing. What's more, it's the most complex edit AND the only one for which I don't have some of the original material any more. So re-thought as well as re-done. Just when I thought I might have a simpler week of it. Grrrr.

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