Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Getting Closer

A few bits of good news. UNESCO give their endorsement to the Dis-Orientations project. It isn't money, but it's certainly valuable - there's only about fifteen projects worldwide that get this vote of confidence each year: so that puts us in the big league for intercultural dialogue. I manage to get Louise from Riverside on the phone. It turns out we've both been thinking the same thing: that this show belongs in Studio 2, rather than in the extremely intimate surroundings of Studio 3. It's taken me the whole development process at Central to get to the idea Louise had from the start: that this is a show which (both physically and in marketing terms) can and should fill a middle-scale space. I love Studio 2: I've spent some wonderful nights there - The Dragon's Trilogy first time round, Deborah Warner's Electra with Fiona Shaw......

Meanwhile, I try to set up the workshop we've been planning with Patrick Young from Theatre for a Change in Ghana. Infuriatingly, it turns out that all the rooms we used to use for rehearsals and workshops have been let out to Mountview Theatre School. We had been looking at April 1st and 2nd - but if I don't get a room by the end of this week, then I don't think that's going to happen.

I spent most of yesterday grappling with this computer crashing on me. Finally got myself back on line at 10pm, thanks to "Sean" in AOL's call centre in Bangalore. While the drivers loaded and the PC re-booted, we had a chat about his life out there. It was 2am, and he was being a nocturnal creature, living under what's clearly a pseudonym, giving out succour to the West. There's a play in that somewhere......

By the way, there are some great photos of Dis-Orientations in its Central School form at Just follow the links!

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