Monday, April 03, 2006

IT issues

The phone call went well. Quite a bit of progress. Onward.....

I spent Saturday morning with Rebecca Gould from the Theatre Royal in Plymouth: talking about the "brain" project for the spring tour. She's keen to continue working with us on it (the first workshops were done in Plymouth last summer). And it also turns out she'll be in Ghana this July, running her exchange initiative, so there's plenty to talk about!

Haili calls to say SYT are asking for the letter of invitation. I didn't realise I hadn't sent it: I guess they need something very formal for government purposes. I draft something, she translates it into Chinese, and sends it back as a pdf which I print out and fax. Don't you love admin?

The whole of Monday is an IT nightmare. Put it like this: I'm typing this in the offices of the computer company who are fixing the PC. They seem to be very good..... But that's why this entry is short. Their website is : I promised them a plug!

PS They've just made the computer work again.

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