Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blogging at Heathrow

Blogging at Heathrow. Because I can.

The last few days have been manic: sorting as much as I can on Dis-Orientations before the research trip to Ghana. Good news is the new Julian will be Tony Guilfoyle. Had a great hour and a half with him. He is probably best known as the accident-prone priest in Father Ted; but what drew me was his stint with Lepage in The Dragons Trilogy. The right sort of pedigree. There is another rather starry bit of casting I hope to get confirmed by email in the next day or two. Hope there are good internet cafes in Accra. I also have to keep talking to Meijing about the contract with SYT. It all seems to be OK, but they still need the work permit from us before they cn even get Zhang Ruihong a passport! I had wanted to get the Riverside contract before applying for WPs, but this is too urgent to wait.

We have a marketing session with Simon, Owen, Chloe and William Wong (who has come n board as my bi-lingual assistant). They need to do the photo-shoot this week without me. Bit scarey.

Next time from Accra.

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