Friday, May 13, 2016

Hidden Histories - the first screening

Hidden Histories

Wednesday night saw the first screening of our film - Hidden Histories, Discovering Indigenous London.  There's a lot more to come on this - but I thought I'd just share a few audience reactions to whet the appetite.

I think it was brave and extremely thought provoking. Asking us to acknowledge and play with difference in our work rather than ignore it and hold the "other" far away - masterful. I think the film says more about where we are not rather than where we are in our relations with Indigenous peoples. A lot of charity and not enough justice as one of the panel members so aptly said. (Email from audience member)

“Excellent film… moving, cogent and necessary.” (Audience Feedback form)

“Incredibly thoughtful well put together and insightful programme. I learned a lot and think this will influence my perspective for a long time to come. Thank you!” (Audience Feedback form)

“It moved me as a person with indigenous heritage.  I would like to be even more involved.  Fantastic film.  I would love to show the film.” (Audience feedback form)

“Well shot, beautifully edited, strong interviews, and with a great narrative (the Rylance voice was just perfect).”  (Email from audience member)

More screenings soon....

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