Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Notes, notes everywhere...

The first run through is just about the scariest part of the rehearsal process. It's at this point that you get to sit back and see what the audience will see - and cross your fingers that it works. It's also the time when you see most clearly the mistakes and the moments that jar with the rest of the piece - and if you're into that kid of thing, it's pretty interesting.

Thankfully, we're looking pretty good. The first go through, two and a half weeks after the first read though and four days before opening night, and everything seems to be doing well. Michael went back over the opening and tinkered to make the communication of the text clearer, but generally spent the afternoon giving notes, and though that took the rest of the day, virtually all of them were just reminders.

Osei only needed prompting once - I'm so proud.


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