Thursday, June 30, 2011

Origins begins

The Festival opened on Tuesday with an incredible night at Rich Mix. Traditional blessings from Gloria Alcozer and Toi Maori (even though the latter had only just got off their 22 hour flight!), amazing Polynesian food from Joylene Fenikowski, a great series of talks and films - all punctuated with the haunting music of Kelvin Mockingbird.

A few responses: "a superb evening. I thought it was really beautifully put together, the format was really successful, delicious food, a lovely warm atmosphere and inspiring stuff to get everyone raring to go for the next two weeks!"

"I just wanted to drop a line this morning to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the evening last night at the opening of your festival and it made me realise to what extent this festival is beautiful. I am really impressed at all the First Nations that you have been able to gather and their professionalism. Their conversations were really interesting!"

"Great spirit last night."

And it was all filmed for BBC2!

Wednesday saw the start of Marie Clements' workshop, which is by all accounts totally amazing, and the Origins Lecture at Gresham College, which was packed out, and really got the debate going.

Tonight we open Noel Tovey's Little Black Bastard at Rich Mix. Can't wait!!

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I met such wonderful people. I heard such amazing stories. I heard such resilience, courage, determination, intellect guided by heart-felt reason, so much love. I know that I am here. I know that I will not be silenced. I know that I can be seen. I know that I can also see. I can write. I can be creative. I can roar like thunder through the silence.
Violence insinuates itself at the centre of the Others' discourse by inflagration. The white-collared white-mained sentinels of The Treasury, self-appointed of course, breed malcontent from a dominant proper. Its war cry is 'animal'.
I am an animal. I am an artist. I am a writer. I am a father. I am a man. I am not at war. But war is being made upon me. Must I go to war? Well, here is my war-cry. 'I am very busy giving love to my children, friends and loved ones - do you think you could be quiet so we can listen to our voices?'